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A list of players either signed by the Cubs or were Cubs that were classified as "Type B" free agents over the years. "Type B" free agents are considered between the top 21-40 percent at their position. A team losing a "Type B" free agent is rewarded a supplemental pick between the first and second rounds of the draft. Under the prior collective bargaining agreement, they were awarded a second round pick. Check out the "Type A" free agents as well.

This is a work in progress, anything before 2005 is yet to be verified.


[edit] 2010


[edit] 2009

Rich Harden - not offered arbitration.

[edit] 2008


[edit] 2007

Jason Kendall; Cubs received the 41st pick in the draft when the Milwaukee Brewers signed Kendall before the December 1st arbitration deadline. The Cubs selected shortstop Ryan Flaherty with the pick.

[edit] 2006

Juan Pierre; Cubs received the 48th pick in the draft when the Los Angeles Dodgers signed Pierre. The Cubs selected Aubrun catcher Josh Donaldson with the pick. He was subsequently traded for RHP Rich Harden in July of 2008.

Mark DeRosa; Cubs signed Mark DeRosa from Texas awarding them the 54th pick in the draft. The Rangers selected RHP Tommy Hunter with the pick.
Ted Lilly; Cubs signed Ted Lilly from Toronto awarding them the 56th pick in the draft. The Blue Jays selected RHP Trystan Magnuson with the pick.

[edit] 2005

Jacque Jones; The Minnesota Twins received the Cubs' 4th round pick with the Cubs 2nd and 3rd round picks going to the Cleveland Indians and San Francisco Giants for the signings of Bob Howry and Scott Eyre. The Twins selected 1b Whitney Robbins with the pick.

2005 - Nomar Garciaparra - did not offer arbitration.

1989 - Scott Sanderson signed with Oakland Athletics - 2nd round supplemental pick, RHP Troy Bradford.

1988 - Vance Law signed from Montreal Expos - 2nd round pick, RHP Ben Howze

1984 - Tim Stoddard signed with San Diego Padres - earned Cubs 1st round pick used on OF Rafael Palmeiro.

1981 - Bill Campbell signed from Boston Red Sox - Red Sox awarded supplemental pick before 2nd round used on OF Kevin Romine.

1980 - Larry Biitner signed with Cincinnati Reds - Cubs awarded 1st round pick used on RHP Vance Lovelace.

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