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The two teams have met more than any other two franchises in history - 2,333 times through 2008[1]


[edit] The Cubs' Record versus Franchise

Regular Season: 1025-1100 (.482)
2000's: 95-66 (.590)
1990's: 63-76 (.453)
1980's: 81-95 (.460)
1970's: 66-111 (.373)
1960's: 78-110 (.415)
1950's: 114-106 (.518)
1940's: 104-116 (.472)
1930's: 120-100 (.545)
1920's: 95-125 (.432)
1910's: 118-95 (.554)
1900's: 91-100 (.476)
Playoffs: Have Never Met
At Wrigley Field:
At West Side Grounds:
At PNC Park:
At Three Rivers Stadium:
At Forbes Field:

[edit] Transactions Involving the Chicago Cubs

(Format is players sent to Cubs followed by players received by this franchise in reverse chronological order) I don't think it was his injury, I just think they want to go real slow with him and have him dotiname each level before he gets promoted. Especially given his draft slot and the scrutiny his selection was amongst mets fans. He's performing well, but I think they want him to keep his confidence high and not challenge him too quickly. Just my opinion, but I didnt think he would be promoted. I mean Plawecki and Boyd played 3 years of college ad started at savannah vs Nimmo didnt even play high school, so I just think this organization likes to move slowly.

[edit] 2008

December 11th: LHP Donald Veal was selected by the Pirates in the Rule 5 draft.

[edit] 2007

July 19: Purchased SS Cesar Izturis from the Cubs.

[edit] 2005

July 31: Traded OF Matt Lawton for OF Jody Gerut and cash.

[edit] 2003

August 17: Traded 1B Randall Simon for OF Ray Sadler.
July 23: Traded CF Kenny Lofton, 3B Aramis Ramirez and cash for RHP Matt Bruback, INF Jose Hernandez and 2B Bobby Hill.

[edit] 2002

July 31: Traded CF Chad Hermansen for CF Darren Lewis.

[edit] 2001

August 10: Selected CF Gary Matthews Jr. off waivers from the Chicago Cubs.

[edit] 1998

December 14: Traded RHP Jon Lieber for 1B/OF Brant Brown.

[edit] 1997

December 15: Lost LHP Danny Young to Chicago Cubs in minor league portion of Rule 5 draft
September 10: RHP Ramon Morel selected off waivers by the Chicago Cubs.
September 1: Received SS Shawon Dunston as part of conditional deal. Thanks for letting us know about Picnik - it IS an easy-to-use tool! A beeltad thanks for your greeting card template and envelope template. Very generous of you. I wish you could see the envelope I made out of some William Morris giftwrap. Hey, I'll take a picture of it and put it on Flickr through my Picnik account! I'll let you know.Your website is one of my favorites.

[edit] 1995

September 1: Sent C Mark Parent as part of conditional deal.

[edit] 1994

March 29: Traded OF Scott Bullett for RHP Travis Willis (minors).

[edit] 1994

October 11: Selected C Mark Parent off waivers from the Chicago Cubs.

[edit] 1992

July 11: Traded 3B Steve Buechele for LHP Danny Jackson. Hi Kylie!I will try to get a list to you! I loved using books as the core of my teaching, too. It's an elxelcent method, I think. It becomes imperative to find elxelcent books, though, right? My friend, Bonnie, was and is a wonderful resource for me, and we have our own lists, and collections. So, I'll get back to you on this. I didn't start with picture books, though, so I'll ask Bonnie about that (she has a collection of over 20,000 books:)Blessings,Wendy

[edit] 1988

March 31: Traded RHP Mike Bielecki for LHP Mike Curtis (minors).

[edit] 1976

September 8: Sold LHP Ramon Hernandez to the Cubs.

[edit] 1974

April 1: Traded RHP Tom Dettore and cash for 2B/SS Paul Popovich.
Before 1974 Season: Purchased INF Tony LaRussa from the Cubs.

[edit] 1969

January 15: Traded LF Manny Jimenez for OF Joe Campbell and RHP Chuck Hartenstein.

[edit] 1967

August 4: RHP Pete Mikkelsen selected off waivers by the Chicago Cubs. i LOVE your before and aftres! your photography is UNREAL seriously. its amazing. i just barely graduated high school and am still quite a beginner at photography, but i absolutely love it. do you ever do classes or anything on editing? thats the only thing i struggle with, and i can't seem to figure it out. i'm trying hard to find someone that will help me out.if you could shoot me an email, that would be wonderful!

[edit] 1963

December 2: Lost OF Byron Browne to Chicago Cubs in first year draft.

[edit] 1960

November 28: Lost SS Elder White to Chicago Cubs in minor league portion of Rule 5 draft.
April 7: 1B/3B Harry Bright returned to Pittsburgh Pirates per rules of Rule 5 draft process.

[edit] 1959

November 30: Lost 1B/3B Harry Bright to Chicago Cubs in Rule 5 draft.
June 13: Selected RHP Bob Porterfield off waivers from the Chicago Cubs.

[edit] 1958

May 6: Sold 1B/OF Paul Smith to the Chicago Cubs.

[edit] 1957

May 1: Traded 1B Dale Long and OF Lee Walls for 2B Gene Baker and 1B Fondy.

[edit] 1956

June 24: Cubs returned 1B Gabe Gabler to Pittsburgh Pirates as part of a conditional deal.
May 13: Pirates received 1B Gabe Gabler as part of conditional deal.
Before 1956 season: OF Lou Johnson sent to Chicago Cubs in an unknown transaction.

[edit] 1955

November 27: Lost 3B George Freese to Chicago Cubs in minor league draft.

[edit] 1954

June 14: Traded OF Hal Rice for OF Luis Marquez.
May 19: C Walker Cooper selected off waivers by the Chicago Cubs.

[edit] 1953

June 4: Traded C Joe Garagiola, OF Ralph Kiner, OF/1B George "Catfish" Metkovich and LHP Howie Pollet for OF Bob Addis, C Toby Atwell, 3B George Freese, OF Gene Hermanski, LHP Bob Schultz, 1B/OF Preston Ward and $150,000.

[edit] 1952

December 3: Traded C Clyde McCullough for RHP Dick Manville and $25,000.

[edit] 1949

June 6: RHP Bob Muncrief selected off waivers by the Chicago Cubs.

[edit] 1948

December 8: Traded 2B/3B/SS Frankie Gustine and RHP Cal McLish for LHP Cliff Chambers and C Clyde McCullough.

[edit] 1947

January 25: Purchased RHP Hi Bithorn from the Cubs.
Before 1947 season: RHP Ben Wade sent to Cubs from Pirates.

[edit] 1945

June 23: RHP Ray Starr selected off waivers by the Chicago Cubs.

[edit] 1944

November 7: Drafted C Greek George from Chicago Cubs in minor league draft.

[edit] 1941

march 25: Purchased Ripper Collins from the Cubs.

[edit] 1934

November 22: Traded LHP Larry French and 3B/OF Freddie Lindstrom for RHP Guy Bush, OF Babe Herman and RHP Jim Weaver.

[edit] 1931

May 29: Traded C Rollie Hemsley for C Earl Grace and cash.

[edit] 1930

August 24: Sold LHP Jesse Petty to the Cubs. Thanks! I bookmarked these, I love rnaideg picture books to the kiddos in the afternoons, having a direction of the book is great! Oregon read Apples to Apples for our Oregon History, library wide last year, it was fun having everyone rnaideg the same book. I look forward to browsing the lists. :)

[edit] 1924

October 27: Traded LHP Wilbur Cooper, 1B Charlie Grimm and SS Rabbit Maranville for RHP Vic Aldridge, 2B/1B George Grantham and 1B Al Niehaus.

[edit] 1921

July 1: Traded RHP Elmer Ponder for OFDave Robertson.

[edit] 1920

December 1920: Sold SS/2B Zeb Terry to the Cubs.

[edit] 1919

Before 1919 season: Purchased 1B Vic Saier from the Cubs.. You don't usually see knaoargos hopping down the middle of roads especially in Sydney. You need to go out into the bush areas or national parks.Where I live near the airport in Hobart, Tasmania, I often see wallaby (smaller than knaoargos) hopping across the road at sunset. I am more likely though to see wallaby, kangaroo and possums as road kill as many of our animals are more nocturnal and are often hit by motorists not watching the sides of the roads.Keep planning to get to Australia I can recommend it as a great place to live or even visit for a while.

[edit] 1916

Aug 29: Traded 2B Otto Knabe and C Art Wilson for C William Fischer and OF Frank Schulte.
June 1916: Purchased 2B/SS/3B Alex McCarthy from the Cubs.
January 1916:: Purchased OF Joe Schultz from the Cubs.

[edit] 1915

September 5: Sold 2B/SS/3B Alex McCarthy to the Cubs.

[edit] 1913

July 29: Selected OF Mike Mitchell off waivers from the Chicago Cubs.

[edit] 1912

May 30: Traded OF/3B Tommy Leach and LHP Lefty Leifield for RHP King Cole and OF/INF Solly Hofman.

[edit] 1904

April 20: Purchased 2B Bobby Lowe from the Cubs.

[edit] 1901

April 2: Sold LHP Rube Waddell to the Cubs.

[edit] 1900

March 9: Sold RHP Bert Cunningham to the Cubs.

[edit] 1899

December 12: Sold OF Jack McCarthy to the Cubs.

[edit] 1896

July 4: Purchased 2B Harry Truby from the Cubs.

[edit] 1893

June 26: Traded RHP Bert Abbey for RHP Ad Gumbert.

[edit] 1892

May 21: Purchased 3B/SS Tom Burns from the Cubs.

[edit] 1888

January 15: Purchased OF Billy Sunday from the Cubs.

[edit] 1887

April 21: Traded OF/LHP George Van Haltren and $2,000 for RHP Jim McCormick.

[edit] 1886

November 24: Purchased OF Abner Dalrymple from the Cubs.

[edit] Players that Played for Both Major League Franchises

(From Baseball Reference Multi-Franchise Tool)

260 players including 111 pitchers[1] have played for both the Cubs and Pirates major league franchises.

[edit] External Links

Baseball Reference Team History [2]

  1. Baker, Jim. "Prospectus Matchups". February 2008. Baseball Prospectus. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=7120

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