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Kent Sterling is the program manager at ESPN1070 in Indianapolis and radio personality. On January 23rd, 2009, he wrote a blog entry explaining that the 2009 Cubs had no chance to win the World Series on the main premise that they were not building their team based on "championship players". He then uses reliever Michael Weurtz as the primary reason for the Cubs ultimate demise in 2009.

What prompts my death sentence for the 2009 season is the signing of Michael Wuertz. Wuertz is not a guy who will pitch for a champion. Period. That Jim Hendry believes Wuertz can help shows what he looks for in a reliever. Wuertz eats innings. That's it. Up or down 9-3, Wuertz comes into the games to mop up. I understand the need for a mop up guy, but the pitcher in that role should be someone who might get somebody out if the studs get hurt, or in one of those 15-inning games. Wuertz throws a slider, and that's it.

Source: "Why the Chicago Cubs Will Not Win in 2009" by Kent Sterling [1]

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