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Until 2012, John Sickels did a Top 50 Pitchers list and a separate Top 50 Hitters list. In 2012, he started with a top 120 overall list. Here are the Cubs that have been named. For his top 20 Cubs each season, visit John Sickels Cubs Prospect Rankings.


[edit] 2012

Brett Jackson, OF - 27th
Anthony Rizzo, 1B - 37th
Javier Baez, 3B - 109th
Source: [1]

[edit] 2011

Trey McNutt, RHP - 20th
Brett Jackson, OF - 14th
Source: Pitchers, Hitters

[edit] 2010

Jay Jackson, RHP - 36th
Andrew Cashner, RHP - 37th
Starlin Castro, SS - 18th
Josh Vitters, 3B - 34th
Hak-Ju Lee, SS - 41st
Source: Pitchers, Hitters

[edit] 2009

Jeff Samardzija, RHP - 37th
Josh Vitters, 3B - 34th
Source: Pitchers, Hitters

[edit] 2008

Sean Gallagher, RHP - 41st
Geovany Soto, C - 20th
Josh Vitters, 3B - 40th
Source: Pitchers, Hitters

[edit] 2007

Donald Veal, LHP - 29th
Sean Gallagher, RHP - 38th
Felix Pie, CF - 22nd
Eric Patterson, 2B - 36th
Source: Pitchers, Hitters

[edit] 2006


[edit] 2005

Brian Dopirak, 1B - 27th
NO Pitcher listed
Source: Pitchers, Hitters

[edit] 2004

Angel Guzman, RHP - 19th
Chadd Blasko, RHP - 20th
Andy Sisco, LHP - 28th
Ricky Nolasco, RHP - 43rd
Source: Pitchers, Hitters

[edit] 2003

Andy Sisco, LHP - 29th
Angel Guzman, RHP - 31st
Luke Hagerty, LHP - 46th
Hee Seop Choi, 1B - 7th
Brendan Harris, 32nd
Source: Minor League Ball

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