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The Detroit Tigers were one of the original American League teams and began play in 1901. They've faced the Cubs four times in the World Series, losing twice in 1907 and 1908 and defeating the Cubs in 1935 and the Cubs last appearance in 1945. The two franchises seemed destined to meet again in 1984 as the best teams in their respective leagues, but the Cubs dropped three in a row to the San Diego Padres after going up 2-0 in the 1984 National League Championship Series. They've met five times since interleague play was put in place in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2006 and 2009.


[edit] The Cubs' Record versus Franchise

Regular Season: 3-11 (.214)
2000's: 3-9 (.250)
1990's: 0-2 (.000)
Playoffs: 13-9-1 (Beat Tigers 4-0-1 in 1907 and 4-0 in 1908; Lost 4-2 in 1935 and 4-3 in 1945)
At Wrigley Field: 3-10 (.231)
At West Side Grounds: 3-1-1 (.600)
At Comerica Park: 2-2 (.500)
At Tiger Stadium: 3-5 (.375)
At Bennett Park: 5-0 (1.000)

[edit] Transactions Involving the Chicago Cubs

(Format is players sent to Cubs followed by players received by this franchise in reverse chronological order)

[edit] 2012

August 5th: Traded 2 players to be named later for INF/OF Jeff Baker. On October 16, 2012, the Tigers sent RHP Marcelo Carreno and cash to complete the deal.

[edit] 2007

November 12: Traded INF Omar Infante for OF Jacque Jones.
August 23: Traded OF Craig Monroe and cash for a player to be named later. On August 30th, 2007 the Cubs sent LHP Clay Rapada to the Tigers to complete the deal.

[edit] 2006

August 20: Traded C Chris Robinson(minors) for INF Neifi Perez.

[edit] 2005

February 9: Traded OF Bo Flowers(minors), INF Scott Moore and RHP Roberto Novoa for RHP Kyle Farnsworth.

[edit] 2004

April 29: Traded LHP Jon Connolly(minors) and a player to be named later for LHP Felix Sanchez. On August 13th, 2004 the Tigers sent LHP Eric Eckenstahler to the Cubs to complete the deal.

[edit] 2004

September 1: Sent C Mike Difelice as part of a conditional deal.

[edit] 1999

March 24: Selected INF Jason Maxwell off waivers from the Chicago Cubs. hes no GREAT pg but he is a GREAT leader on and off the court.. hes well past his prime but I would take him over some young pg jncikag up a million shots and not running the offence through pau and drew..Our bigs are HUGE and another pg would come in trying to get his own..on to the whole idea of the miami heat being better?? NO!!!! lbj6 quit on his team infront of national far the worse thing i have seen, he could have done it in private instead of making the world wide decision .. Enough about that..lebron is a great player but him and wade are exactly the same slasher with no real jump shot..and neither of them are no where near kobe..that should never be brought up again..chris bosh compared to pau?? really? bosh is soft and is no true big man and has TERRIBLE defense..theres no way in hell he could guard not only pau by himself also drew..and then lamars way quicker then him and even bigger so thats out of the question..For the bench that goes..mike miller is a great shooter but thats all the have that can consitantly put up 12ppg outside of that none of their bigs such as big z juwan howard jamal magloire will average more then 6 ppl and MAYB 5 rebounds.. and for when mike miller does come in the game, who do we have to guard him MATT BARNES a well known and accomplished can also throw lamar at him..theres too many things we can do offensively and defensive to mess with the heat that they would have no chance mark my words the heat still have to come out of the east ..with a team that i hate more then anything but have the most respect for the boston celtics .wade and lebron will get theres here and there but the stifiling defense that the celitcs will bring against bosh will lead to the het having to beat them from the perimeter and thats definately not a strength of theirs since wade and lebron are slashers..not only do they have to get past the celtics but dwight howard and the magic who are pissed off about the newly acquistions down in south look out for them to make another statement but they also have the newly vamped chicago bulls! who also have fornt court depth like all the teams i have listed to turn them away from any opportunity bosh would bring and force leborn and wade to beat them..and then theres atlanta..GOOD LUCK MIAMI now on too important things i am not a insider with espn but i can look at the i have a few questions for anyybody that could help me further understand some things..1). shannon brown coming back is almost a gurantee within the next week or so correct?2). whats the talk about sasha moving on and getting traded?3). delonte west becoming a laker? how possible is that?4). luke waltons back if hes on injured reserve.then what can they do with his contract5). any chances of shaq coming back and retireing and lakerland(i know he messed up and hes ego is huge, but honestly he would be a great fit for another look coming playoff time to throw his body around)6). any other trade rumors lingering around that you guys know about??

[edit] 1995

December 4: Drafted RHP Jon Ratliff from Chicago Cubs in Rule 5 draft.

[edit] 1987

October 23: RHP Dickie Noles returned to the Chicago Cubs.
September 22: RHP Dickie Noles loaned to the Detroit Tigers.

[edit] 1981

April 1: Purchased INF Mick Kelleher from the Cubs

[edit] 1979

August 30: Sold C Bruce Kimm to the Cubs.
March 20: Traded INF Steve Dillard for a player to be named later. The Cubs sent C/INF Ed Putman on March 24, 1979 to complete the deal.

[edit] 1977

July 30: Sold LHP Dave Roberts to the Cubs.

[edit] 1976

June 8: Sold RHP Joe Coleman to the Cubs.

[edit] 1976

June 10: Purchased RHP Milt Wilcox from the Cubs.

[edit] 1965

March 27: Sold RHP Bill Faul to the Cubs.

[edit] 1965

December 6: Sold C Don Bryant to the Cubs.

[edit] 1964

November 30: Lost LHP Ray Newman to Chicago Cubs in first year draft.

[edit] 1962

November 28: Traded 3B Steve Boros for RHP Bob Anderson. Wouldn't it be so cool to see kangaroos? .. elhapents? ..giraffes?? No, not at the Zoo in Sydney Australia! Ever since i was little, i have always dreamt of going to Sydney. When i was younger, I don't know why i thought it was so cool But now that I am older, I have researched my dream spot and i know more about (Northern) Sydney Australia. For me, the weather is absolutely perfect, the summers are warm. Usually 75oF to 85oF so you can enjoy yourself without burning in the (sometimes way too hot) sun. The winters, between 59oF and 66oF on average. I wonder what people like to do for fun when they live in Australia? I can't wait till' i'm older and i can travel to Sydney!

[edit] 1960

Received RHP Manny Montejo in unknown transaction.
Received LHP Johnnie Seale in unknown transaction.

[edit] 1960

September: Purchased 1B Dick Gernert from the Cubs
March: Sold RHP Barney Schultz to the Cubs.

[edit] 1957

December 2: Drafted RHP Hy Cohen from Chicago Cubs in minor league portion of Rule 5 draft.

[edit] 1954

Received OF Ron Northey in unknown transaction.

[edit] 1953

May 13: Sold 3B George Freese to the Cubs.

[edit] 1941

July 16: Sold OF Frank Jelincich to the Cubs.

[edit] 1939

December 6: Traded SS Billy Rogell for SS Dick Bartell.

[edit] 1926

June 7: Selected LHP Wilbur Cooper off waivers from the Chicago Cubs.

[edit] 1902

3B Doc Casey jumped teams from Tigers to Cubs before 1903 season.
OF Dick Harley jumped teams from Tigers to Cubs before 1903 season.

[edit] Rumored Deals Involving Chicago Cubs

After the 2009 season, Tigers were considering cutting some payroll and the Cubs had heavy interest in Curtis Granderson. The Tigers were reportedly seeking either top prospect Starlin Castro or relief pitcher Carlos Marmol, which were deemed untouchable by Cubs management[1]

[edit] Players that Played for Both Major League Franchises

(From Baseball Reference Multi-Franchise Tool)

126 players including 58 pitchers[2] have played for both the Cubs and Tigers major league franchises through the 2009 season.

[edit] External Links

Baseball Reference Team History [1]

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  2. "Players who played for Chicago Cubs and Detroit Tigers"

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