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A list of players that are or were in the Cubs minor league system and were drafted or signed as a positional player and converted to a pitcher. The player generally did not hit well enough but had a strong arm.

[edit] Current Cubs

Randy Wells - C
Carlos Marmol - C
Blake Parker - C
Gian Guzman - INF
Luke Sommer - OF[1]
Dylan Johnston - OF
Andres Quezada - OF
Pedro Medina - OF
Matt Spencer - OF/1B
Kyler Burke - OF

[edit] Since Released

Aldaberto Mendez
Leonel Perez
Federico Baez
ex-C (RHP) Gasner Guerrier - since released
ex-OF (LHP) Leon Johnson - since released
ex-INF (RHP) Junniol Lami - since released
ex-C (RHP) Oscar Bernard - since released
ex-3B (RHP) Brandon Taylor - since released
ex-OF (RHP) Randy Brown - since released
Jake Muyco - C [2]
Ryan Sontag - OF
Joshua Lansford - 3B

[edit] Notes

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  2. "Heartbreak: A Pitcher Trapped Inside a Catcher's Body " by Arizona Phil. April 2008. The Cub Reporter.

Arizona Phil comment @ TCR on June 17th, 2009 [1]

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