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Cubs minor league affiliates mined from the pages of The Baseball Cube and BR Bullpen. Year-by-year results are available by typing in the year followed by Cubs Minor League Records (for example 2008 Cubs Minor League Records). You can also view the the Cubs Minor League Champions or the year-by-year overall Cubs Organizational Minor League Records.


[edit] Triple A

1998-2013: Iowa Cubs (Pacific Coast League)
1982-1997: Iowa Cubs (American Association)
1981: Iowa Oaks (American Association)
1972-1980: Wichita Aeros (American Association)
1966-1971: Tacoma Cubs (Pacific Coast League)
1963-1965: Salt Lake Bees (Pacific Coast League)
1960-1961: Houston Buffs (American Association)
1959: Fort Worth Cats (American Association)
1958: Portland Beavers (Pacific Coast League)
1950-1953: Springfield Cubs (International League)
1946-1951: Los Angeles Angels (Pacific Coast League)

[edit] Open

1957: Portland Beavers
1952-1956: Los Angeles Angels

The PCL called itself an "Open" league from 1952-1957, trying to make itself into a new major league level and a step above Triple A before the Dodgers and Giants moved to California in 1958. [1]

[edit] Double A

2007-2013: Tennessee Smokies (Southern League)
1998-2006: West Tennessee Jaxx (Southern League)
1993-1997: Orlando Cubs (Southern League)
1989-1992: Charlotte Knights (Southern League)
1985-1988: Pittsfield Cubs (Eastern League)
1972-1984: Midland Cubs (Texas League)
1968-1971: San Antonio Missions (Texas League)
1965-1971: Dallas-Ft. Worth Spurs (Texas League)
1964: Ft. Worth Cats (Texas League)
1963: Amarillo Gold Sox (Texas League)
1959-1962: San Antonio Missions (Texas League)
1957-1958: Fort Worth Cats (Texas League)
1957: Memphis Chickasaws (Southern Association)
1956: Tulsa Oilers (Texas League)
1954: Beaumont Exporters (Texas League)
1946-1951: Nashville Volunteers (Southern Association)
1946-1947: Tulsa Oilers (Texas League)
1932-1945: Los Angeles Angels (Pacific Coast League)
1939: Milwaukee Brewers (American Association)

[edit] A1

The A1 classification for minor leagues was formed in 1936 and abolished ten years later. It was the second-highest ranking, one step below AA (then the highest) and one step ahead of A. With the creation of AAA in 1946, AA leagues added another A while A1 leagues became AA leagues. Leagues to hold the classification were very limited in number.

1943-1945: Nashville Volunteers (Southern Association)
1940-1942: Tulsa Oilers (Texas League)
1936-1938: Birmingham Barons (Southern Association)

[edit] Hi A

1993-2013: Daytona Cubs (Florida State League)
1990-1992: Winston-Salem Spirits (Carolina League)

[edit] Single A

2013-Present: Kane County Cougars (Midwest League)
2005-2012: Peoria Chiefs (Midwest League)
1999-2004: Lansing Lugnuts (Midwest League)
1995-1998: Rockford Cubbies (Midwest League)
1985-1995: Peoria Chiefs (Midwest League)
1988-1989: Charleston Wheelers (South Atlantic League)
1985-1989: Winston-Salem Spirits (Carolina League)
1984: Lodi Crushers (California League)
1982-1983: Salinas Spurs (California League)
1979-1984: Quad Cities Cubs (Midwest League)
1976-1978: Pompano Beach Cubs (Florida State League)
1975: Key West Cubs (Florida State League)
1974: Key West Conchs (Florida State League)
1965-1973: Quincy Cubs (Midwest League)
1966-1968: Lodi Crushers (California League)
1966: Duluth-Superior Dukes (Northern League)
1960-1964: St. Cloud Rox (Northern League)
1963-1964: Wenatchee Chiefs (Northwest League)
1963: Pocatello Chiefs (Pioneer League)
1959-1960: Lancaster Red Roses (Eastern League)
1947-1958: Des Moines Bruins (Western League)
1952-1955: Macon Peaches (South Atlantic League)
1950-1951: Grand Rapids Jets (Central League)
1946-1949: Macon Peaches (South Atlantic League)
1932: Wichita Aviators (Western League)
1922-1925: Wichita Falls Spudders (Texas League)

[edit] Short Season A

2001-2013: Boise Hawks(Northwest League)
1999-2000: Eugene Emeralds (Northwest League)
1994-1998: Williamsport Cubs (New York-Pennsylvania League)
1977-1993: Geneva Cubs (New York-Pennsylvania League)
1969-1970: Huron Cubs (Northern League)
1965: Wenatchee Chiefs (Northwest League)

[edit] Rookie League-Advanced

1990-1994: Huntsville Cubs (Appalachian Leage)

[edit] Rookie League

1997-2013: Arizona League Cubs (Arizona League)
1993-1996: Gulf Coast League Cubs (Gulf Coast League)
1992: Arizona League Rockies/Cubs (Arizona League)
1985-1989: Wytheville Cubs (Appalachian League)
1983-1984: Pikeville Cubs (Appalachian League)
1972-1982: Gulf Coast League Cubs (Gulf Coast League)
1967-1971: Caldwell Cubs (Pioneer League)
1964-1966: Treasure Valley Cubs (Pioneer League)

[edit] B

1961-1962: Wentachee Chiefs (Northwest League)
1955-1959: Burlington Bees (Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League)
1953-1954: Cedar Rapids Indians (Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League)
1951-1952: Greensboro Patriots (Carolina League)
1950-1951: Rock Hill Chiefs (Tri-State League)
1949: Decatur Cubs (Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League)
1948-1949: Selma Cloverleafs (Southeastern League)
1948-1949: Springfield Cubs (New England League)
1948: Decatur Commodores (Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League)
1947-1948: Fayetteville Cubs (Tri-State League)
1946-1947: Davenport Cubs (Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League)
1941-1947: Portsmouth Cubs (Piedmont League)
1946-1947: Tacoma Tigers (Western International League)
1945-1946: Hagerstown Owls (Interstate League)
1946: Shelby Cubs (Tri-State League)
1941-1942: Macon Peaches (South Atlantic League)
1942: Madison Blues (Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League)
1942: Vancouver Capilanos (Western International League)
1937-1940: Moline Plowboys (Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League)
1939: Bloomington Bloomers (Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League)
1936-1938: Portsmouth Cubs (Piedmont League)
1935: Peoria Tractors (Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League)
1935: Portsmouth Truckers (Piedmont League)

[edit] C

1960-1962: St. Cloud Rox (Northern League)
1957: Bakersfield Bears (California League)
1955-1957: Lafayette Oilers (Evangeline League)
1954-1957: Magic Valley Cowboys (Pioneer League)
1955: Vicksburg Hill Billies (Cotton States League)
1954: Blackwell Broncos (Western Association)
1953-1954: Stockton Ports (California League)
1947-1953: Sioux Falls Canaries (Northern League)
1951-1952: Topeka Owls (Western Association)
1946-1952: Visalia Cubs (California League)
1950-1951: Clovis Pioneers (West Texas-New Mexico League)
1950: Springfield Cubs (Western Association)
1949: Clinton Steers (Central Association)
1947-1948: Clinton Cubs (Central Association)
1948: Springfield Cubs (Western Association)
1946-1948: Hutchinson Cubs (Western Association - Note: Moved to Springfield in the middle of hte 1948 season)
1946: Quebec Alouettes (Canadian-American League)
1945: Leaksville-Draper-Spray Triplets (Carolina League)
1942: Ashland Colonels (Mountain State League)
1942: Zanesville Cubs (Middle Atlantic League)
1941: Bisbee Bees (Arizona-Texas League)
1941: Muskogee Reds (Western Association)
1941: Stockton Fliers (California League)
1941: Zanesville Cubs (Middle Atlantic League)
1939-1940: St. Joseph Saints (Western Association)
1938: Helena Seaporters (Cotton States League)
1938: Hot Springs Bathers (Cotton States League)
1933, 1935-1938: Ponca City Angels (Western Association)

[edit] D

1962: Palatka Cubs (Florida State League)
1958-1961: Carlsbad Potashers (Sophomore League)
1959-1961: Morristown Cubs (Appalachian League)
1956-1959: Paris Lakers (Midwest League)
1957-1958: Pulaski Cubs (Appalachian League)
1955-1957: Ponca City Cubs (Sooner State League)
1956: Crestview Braves (Alabama-Florida League)
1955: Paris Lakers (Mississippi-Ohio Valley League)
1953-1955: Gainesville Owls (Sooner State League - NOTE: Moved to Ponca City in the middle of the 1955 season)
1952-1954: Hickory Rebels (Tar Heel League)
1947-1953: Janesville Cubs (Wisconsin State League)
1952: Blackwell Cubs (Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri League)
1949-1951: Carthage Cubs (Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri League)
1949-1951: Rutherford County Owls (Western Carolina League)
1950: Moultrie Cubs (Georgia-Florida League)
1947-1949: Lumberton Auctioneers (Tobacco State League)
1948-1949: St. Augustine Saints (Florida State League)
1947-1948: Centralia Cubs (Illinois State League)
1945-1948: Elizabethton Betsy Cubs (Appalachian League)
1947-1948: Marion Cubs (Ohio-Indiana League)
1946-1947: Iola Cubs (Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri League)
1946: Fayetteville Cubs (Coastal Plain League)
1946: Hopkinsville Hoppers (Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee League)
1946: Janesville Bears (Wisconsin State League)
1945-1946: Statesville Cubs (North Carolina State League)
1943-1944: Erwin Cubs (Appalachian League)
1943-1944: Lockport Cubs (Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League)
1944: Marion Diggers (Ohio State League)
1942: Americus Pioneers (Georgia-Florida League)
1941-1942: Janesville Cubs (Wisconsin State League)
1941: Lake Charles Skippers (Evangeline League)
1940: Greeneville Burley Cubs (Appalachian League)
1939: Bisbee Bees (Arizona-Texas League)
1937-1939: Eau Claire Bears (Northern League)
1939: Hopkinsville Hoppers (Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee League)
1939: Sioux Falls Canaries (Western League)
1938: Greeneville Burley Cubs (Appalachian League)

[edit] Sources


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