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A year-by-year list of Cubs signings of amateur international talent...a work in progress.


[edit] 2013

RHP Armando Rivera (Cuba): $3.1M [1]
OF Eloy Jimenez (Dominican Republic): $2.8M plus $250K college scholarship
SS Gleybar Torres (Venezuela): $1.77M
RHP Jen-Ho Tseng (Chinese Taipei): $1.625M
RHP Jefferson Mejia (Dominican Republic): $850K
RHP Erling Moreno (Colombia): $650K
C Johan Matos (Dominican Republic): $270K

[edit] 2012

OF Jorge Soler (Cuba) 9 years/$30M
RHP Kyuji Fukijawa (Japan): 2/$9.5M
RHP Chang Yong-Lim (South Korea): 2/$5M major/minor split deal
LHP Gerardo Concepcion (Cuba): 5/$6M
RHP Juan Carlos Panigua (Dominican Republic): $1.5M [2]
SS Frandy De La Rosa (Dominican Republic): $700K
SS Danny Gutierrez (Venezuela): $185K
RHP Ramon Valera (Venezuela): $170K
RHP Wagner Disla (Dominican Republic): $100K
RHP Oscar de la Cruz (Dominican Republic): $85K
RHP Luis Hernandez (Dominican Republic): $80K
LHP Jose Morel (Dominican Republic): $80K
Sources: Baseball America [3] & NSBB Forum [4]

[edit] 2011

C Mark Malave (Venezuela): $1.6 M
SS Luis Acosta (Dominican Republic): $1.1M
3B Ricardo Marcano (Venezuela): $400K
LHP Christopher Pieters (Curacao): $350K
LHP Carlos Rodriguez (Venezuela): $120K
LHP Frank Del Valle (Cuba): $800K
OF Yasiel Balaguert (Cuba): $400K
RHP Carlos Martinez (Cuba): $250K
RHP Pedro Araujo (Dominican Republic): $100K
OF Elieser Bonne (Cuba)
INF Roney Alcala (Venezuela):
Sources: Baseball America [5] & NSBB Forum [6]

[edit] 2010

OF Rubi Silva (Cuba): $1.1M
RHP Jin-Yeong Kim (South Korea) $850K
C Yaniel Cabezas (Cuba): $500K
SS Carlos Penalver (Venezuela): $550K
3B Jeimer Candelario (Dominican Republic): $500K
OF Jeffrey Baez (Venezuela): $350K
SS Francisco (Daniel) Sanchez (Dominican Republic): $350K
RHP Juan Yasser Serrano (Cuba): $250K
C Alberto Mineo (Italy): $225K
LHP Angel Mejias (Venezuela)
RHP Alexander Santana (Dominican Republic)
SS Antonio Gonzalez (Dominican Republic)
RHP Gilberto Abreu (Dominican Republic)
Sources: NSBB Forum [7]

[edit] 2009

C Willson Contreras (Venezuela): $850K
OF Kyung-Min Na (South Korea): $725K
OF Dong-Yub Kim (South Korea): $550K
RHP Tzu-An Wang (Taiwan): $300K
IF Pin-Chieh Chen (Taiwan): $300K
RHP Yao-Lin Wang (Taiwan): $300K
Sources: NSBB Forum [8]

[edit] 2008

INF Hak-Ju Lee (South Korea): $725K
RHP Su-Min Jung (South Korea): $510K
C/OF Jae-Hoon Ha (South Korea): $225K
LHP Cody Hams (Australia): $150K
OF Sean Williams (Australia): $150K
3B Joel Altagracia (Dominican Republic): $140K
RHP Adam Spencer (Australia): $130K
SS Carlos Henry (Dominican Republic): $110K
INF Arismendy Alcantara (Dominican Republic)
Sources: NSBB Forum [9]

[edit] 2007

OF Kosuke Fukudome (Japan): 4/$48M
RHP Dae-Eun Rhee (South Korea): $525K
IF Junior Lake (Dominican Republic): $500K
RHP Esmailin Caridad (Dominican Republic via Japan): $175K
RHP Hung-Wen Chen (Taiwan): $200K
RHP Yohan Gonzalez (Dominican Republic):
RHP Ryan Searle (Australia): rumored bonus of $100,000
RHP Jose Tineo (Dominican Republic):

[edit] 2006

RHP Larry Suarez (Venezuela): $850K
SS Starlin Castro (Dominican Republic): $45K
Sources: NSBB Forum [10]

[edit] 2005

RHP Alberto Cabrera (Dominican Republic):
RHP Alex Maestri (Italy):

[edit] 2004

RHP Rafael Dolis (Dominican Republic):
C Welington Castillo (Dominican Republic):

[edit] 2001

OF Felix Pie (Dominican Republic):
RHP Jae Kuk Ryu (South Korea):
RHP Juan Mateo (Dominican Republic):

[edit] 2000

There's another issue I'd like aneerwsd. (Man I'm really pissed off over this right now!).How SPECIFICALLY does the NCAA think it can tell Rupp Arena, a facility built with taxpayer money and not owned UK, what they can and can not do? Who can be involved and who can't? Whether the game can be broadcast or not? (and today ANY additional money that can be generated, no matter how small is important the way the economy is )Just who the hell do these people think they are? Seriously can these folks be that stupid (despite all their degrees and letters???)Assuming UK is not officially involved with this, it seems to me Rupp Arena and the people who operate it can tell the NCAA to take a long walk off a short pier.Mark Liptak

[edit] 1998

LHP Felix Sanchez (Dominican Republic):

[edit] 1997

RHP Carlos Zambrano (Venezuela):
RHP Juan Cruz (Dominican Republic):

[edit] 1996

RHP Francis Beltran (Dominican Republic):

[edit] Footnotes

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