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A Cubs pitcher has won the National League Cy Young Award five times; Greg Maddux in 1992, Rick Sutcliffe in 1984, Bruce Sutter in 1979, Ferguson Jenkins in 1971 and Jake Arrieta in 2015. Major League Baseball began handing out the award in 1956 to the best pitcher in either league. Starting in 1967 there was a Cy Young winner in each league.

The full list of all Cubs pitchers to ever receive a vote for the National League Cy Young award is listed below.

Name Year Place
Jake Arrieta 2014 9th
Ryan Dempster 2008 6th
Carlos Zambrano 2007 5th
Carlos Zambrano 2006 5th
Carlos Zambrano 2004 5th
Mark Prior 2003 3rd
Jon Lieber 2001 4th
Randy Myers 1993 8th
Greg Maddux 1992 1st
Greg Maddux 1989 3rd
Mitch Williams 1989 9th
Mike Bielecki 1989 9th
Rick Sutcliffe 1987 2nd
Rick Sutcliffe 1984 1st
Lee Smith 1983 9th
Bruce Sutter 1979 1st
Rick Reuschel 1977 3rd
Bruce Sutter 1977 6th
Ferguson Jenkins 1972 3rd
Milt Pappas 1972 9th
Ferguson Jenkins 1971 1st
Ferguson Jenkins 1970 3rd
Ferguson Jenkins 1967 2nd
Larry Jackson 1964 2nd

All Cubs pitchers to receive a vote listed by what place they finished at:

Place Players
1st Greg Maddux-1992
Rick Sutcliffe-1984
Bruce Sutter-1979
Ferguson Jenkins-1971
2nd Rick Sutcliffe-1987
Ferguson Jenkins-1967
Larry Jackson-1964
3rd Mark Prior-2003
Greg Maddux-1989
Rick Reuschel-1977
Ferguson Jenkins-1972
Ferguson Jenkins-1970
4th Jon Lieber-2001
5th Carlos Zambrano-2007
Carlos Zambrano-2006
Carlos Zambrano-2004
6th Ryan Dempster-2008
Bruce Sutter-1977
7th None
8th Randy Myers-1983
9th Jake Arrieta-2014
Mitch Williams-1989
Mike Bielecki-1989
Lee Smith-1983
Milt Pappas-1972
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