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The Cubs 2011 draft featured 25 pitchers(21 right-handed, 5 left-handed), 9 infielders (4 shortstops, 1 third basemen, 3 first basemen, 1 utility and 0 second basemen), 12 outfielders (4 center fielders, 3 right fielders and 5 listed as just outfielders), and 3 catchers. They drafted 18 players out of college, 11 out of junior and community colleges and another 21 out of high school.

The Cubs signed 34 of their 50 draftees and handed out a total of just over $12M in bonus money, the highest in franchise history and 4th highest among all MLB teams in 2011.

A $0 bonus indicates either the information is unavailable or the player did not sign. N/A under scout indicates scout information was unavailable.

  Player Round Pick Position Drafted Out of Signed Current Status Make majors Bonus
Javier Baez Javier Baez 1 9 SS (HS) Arlington Country Day (Jacksonville, FL) true Daytona Cubs false 2,625,000
Dan Vogelbach Dan Vogelbach 2 68 1B (HS) Bishop Verot (Ft. Myers, FL) true Kane County Cougars false 1,600,000
Zeke DeVoss Zeke DeVoss 3 98 CF University of Miami true Boise Hawks false 500,000
Tony Zych Tony Zych 4 129 RHP University of Louisville true false 400,000
Tayler Scott Tayler Scott 5 159 RHP (HS) Notre Dame Prep (Scottsdale, AZ) true Kane County Cougars false 279,950
Neftali Rosario Neftali Rosario 6 189 C (HS) Puerto Rico Baseball Academy true false 150,000
Trevor Gretzky Trevor Gretzky 7 219 1B (HS) Oaks Christian (Westlake, CA) true Boise Hawks false 375,000
Taylor Dugas Taylor Dugas 8 249 OF University of Alabama false false
Garrett Schlecht Garrett Schlecht 9 279 RF (HS) Waterloo (IL) true false 235,000
Daniel Lockhart Daniel Lockhart 10 309 SS (HS) Hebron Christian Academy (Dacula, GA) true false 395,000
Shawon Dunston Jr. Shawon Dunston Jr. 11 339 CF (HS) Valley Christian (San Jose, CA) true Boise Hawks false 1,275,000
Jacob Lindgren Jacob Lindgren 12 369 LHP (HS) St. Stanislaus (MS) false false 0
Trey Martin Trey Martin 13 399 CF (HS) Brookwood (GA) true false 250,000
Dillon Maples Dillon Maples 14 429 RHP (HS) Pinecrest (NC) true false 2,500,000
Justin Marra Justin Marra 15 459 C (HS) Michael Power/St. Joseph true false 100,000
Rafael Lopez Rafael Lopez 16 489 C Florida State University true Boise Hawks false
John Andreoli John Andreoli 17 519 RF University of Connecticut true false 0
James Pugliese James Pugliese 18 549 RHP (CC) Mercer County (NJ) true AZL Cubs false
Paul Hoilman Paul Hoilman 19 579 RF East Tennessee State true Released false
Ben Klafczynski Ben Klafczynski 20 609 OF Kent State University true Released false
Andrew McKirahan Andrew McKirahan 21 639 LHP University of Texas true false 75,000
Ethian Elias Ethian Elias 22 669 RHP (HS) Grand Trunk (Evansburg, AB) true false
Bradley Zimmer Bradley Zimmer 23 699 CF (HS) La Jolla (CA) false false 0
George Asmus George Asmus 24 729 RHP (JC) Ohlone College (Fremont, CA) false false 0
Roderick Shoulders Roderick Shoulders 25 759 1B (JC) State College of Florida (Sarasota) true false 294,000
Michael Jensen Michael Jensen 26 789 RHP (JC) Hartnell (CA) true false 225,000
Taiwan Easterling Taiwan Easterling 27 819 OF Florida State University true AZL Cubs false 200,000
Christopher Garrison Christopher Garrison 28 849 RHP (CC) Western Nevada false
Drew Weeks Drew Weeks 29 879 3B (HS) Clay (FL) false
Arturo Maltos-Garcia Arturo Maltos-Garcia 30 909 RHP (CC) Lamar (CO) true Released false
Ronnie Richardson Ronnie Richardson 31 939 OF Central Florida false
Pete Levitt Pete Levitt 32 969 RHP (JC) Mt. Olive (VA) true Peoria Chiefs false
Sheldon McDonald Sheldon McDonald 33 999 LHP University of British Columbia true AZL Cubs false
Hunter Kelley Hunter Kelley 34 1,029 OF (JC) Calhoun College (AL) false
Ian Dickson Ian Dickson 35 1,059 RHP (JC) Lafayette (NY) true Washington Nationals false
Travis Garcia Travis Garcia 36 1,089 UTL Marvin Methodist College (CA) true false
Steven Maxwell Steven Maxwell 37 1,119 RHP Texas Christian University false
Casey Lucchese Casey Lucchese 38 1,149 RHP College of Charleston true AZL Cubs false
Ricky Jacquez Ricky Jacquez 39 1,179 RHP (HS) Franklin (TX) false
Patrick Francescon Patrick Francescon 40 1,209 RHP Trevecca Nazarene University true Peoria Chiefs false
Austin Urban Austin Urban 41 1,239 RHP (CC) Des Moines Area true Baltimore Orioles false 100,000
Brad Zapenas Brad Zapenas 42 1,269 SS Boston College true Boise Hawks false
Jay Calhoun Jay Calhoun 43 1,299 RHP (HS) Second Baptist (Houston, TX) false
Kenny Socorro Kenny Socorro 44 1,329 SS Marshall University true Boise Hawks false
Tanner Kichler Tanner Kichler 45 1,359 RHP (HS) Sherwood (OR) false
Scott Weismann Scott Weismann 46 1,389 RHP University of Clemson true Released false
David Ernst David Ernst 47 1,419 RHP (HS) Fargo South (ND) false
Sam Howard Sam Howard 48 1,449 LHP (HS) Cartersville (GA) false
Antonio Gonzales Antonio Gonzales 49 1,479 LHP (HS) Damien (LaVerne, CA) false
Cody Edwards Cody Edwards 50 1,509 RHP (CC) Bellevue (WA) false

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